Shackleton is amazingly vivid. the story telling makes me feel as if im there freezing them. the art is stunning and gives the perfect depiction of what is happening. B.A. Hoena, Charles Barnett the III, and Dave Hoover make an amazing trio.

Ernest Shakleton was beloved for his near miss advetures to the south pole. But when Norweigen explorer Roald Amudsen was first to get there the fame was taken. So he had to top it! With a brand new ship named endurence, a top of his class navigator and 28 hand picked men they set out.The journey began.

early on the crew ran into problems. Still 1000 miles from the Antartic they ran into heavy pack ice that threatened to end the voyage. The men had little to do while they waited for warmer weather. By the end of October the ship had sunk and the dog were eaten for food. a journey across unknown mountains and frozen wastleands is required for the survival of the crew

Peer review: Krystah. I found a few gramatical errors like missed letters and punctuation, ad forgetting capitals and the beginning of the sentences. From reading this review i understand what the book is about, and is clearly an adventure story. Why didn't you tell us about the author? I found that you didn't fully develop the characters but it was still easy to understand.

Peer Review 2: Haxstyn.
there were many gramatical errors, and poor character discription but it is very intreging. It could use photos of the authors as well as a hyperlink.

Mrs B: Not much comment here about the illustrations and the conveying of ideas as a graphic novel. I suggest that you use word processing to compose, check your work and then copy and paste your writing into the wiki as your small errors take away from the over quality of the work. Good use of details, and perhaps write more for each paragraph.