The title is "king of thorn" and the author is Yuji Lwahara.
and this book is published in Tokyo. This is a science fiction type book, full of monsters called madusas.

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This book takes place in a science lab. This science lab is underground, not too far below the surface. People are incased in cryosleep capsules. There are thorns all over the place making it hard to move around. Watch you step! The capsules make up the walls of this setting. The monster madusas are constantly flying in the air which is what the people first see when they wake up out of the capsules. This setting is extremely different from our world of sky, grass, mountains, buildings. All their buildings are broken down because of these monters. There are people but very few of them because of a deadly virus,.

The main character is Kasumi who is female and very believable as she is one of the few survivors. I don't really enjoy this character because she comes across helpless. The character I do like is Marco because he is strong, and he can take out the enemy with no problem.

Peer Review 1:Haxstyn
Very interesting book. Nothing about the author exept for the name. Good use of hyperlinks.The setting could use more discription. Review could use more character developement.

Mrs B: Your review contains most of what was required so you need to pay attention to developing your opinions and summary skills with greater precision and sophistication. The genre is science fiction which you do not directly state which might help someone decide further if he or she would want to read this book. I am wondeirng why you gave it 5 stars when you seem to not like certain aspects of the story.