Writer Bill Willingham

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It takes place of fable town in New York where fairytales come to life such as wolf and snow white they are real people. Fable town is a place with buildings and stores even restaurants. It’s more like New York
There are lots of people and lots of street lights at night.
I really like this book because it’s a fairytale.
I would recommend to people to read.
You can buy it on Amazon it cost ten dollars and ninety four cents book at Amazon
Who killed Rose red? She is snow white’s sister she’s in the story
She missing because someone trashed her apartment

Main characters are
Snow white
She’s the director of operations of fairyland

Is crime solver and a wolf

Blue boy
Snow white’s assistant

Prince charming
Business man

Blue beard

A worker

Rose red

Snow white’s sister

Peer Review:
Lexie: You did a great job of reviewing Fables. You told me what the story was about and all the main characters. It would be nice though if you had maybe more about the author or illustrator and more about the characters you only told me what they were in the story maybe tell me a little bit more about them. But it was a great review and I enjoyed reviewing it :)

peer review #1 leah-good job! you could have given a little bit more detail but i get the overall theme of the story.
Mrs B: I like how you placed the title of the novel with the authors/illustrators. I also liked how you gave the main characters and their qualities. What is your recommendation for the book - who would like to read this graphic novel and why?