The ultimate Spider-Man Vol.1 Power And Responsibility is a very heroic Graphic Novel
story by Bill Jemas and Brian Michael Bendis.Illustrated by Mark Bagley, Art Thibert and Dan Panosian. it is a Good story that shows Peter Parker Life and his new life.
external image spidey.jpgThe story is about an average nerdy Teenager who lives with his Aunt May And Uncle Ben. hes aunt is worried bout Peter cause hes so quiet and has no friends except for Harry Osborn and Mary Jane. Harry is one of the popular boys at his school a joc and Mary Jane is Prettier popular kinda girl who is kind and smart. Peter Parker Is smart and allways gets picked on by his school bullys. one day he went to his friend Harry Osborn Familiy Industries there they test on animals and insects. there was a spider specimen that bit him on the rist and he got very ill. after that his life changed but started with growing pains he noticed him self getting stronger faster and is like a spider with webs and can crawl on anything. it show all desriptions and he looses a familiy member.
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peer review #1 leah-good job! you told me the plot without giving it all away. you have some spelling and grammar errors but too many, i could still read it. could use a little more detail and hyperlinks.

Mrs B: Good use of the introduction to help a reader understand your review. The summary was with a few errors - so try using word processing, use spell and grammar check, then copy and paste into the wiki. Small errors take away from your good insights.