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The Ugly Duckling

Many people know about fairytales and one that is a good old favorite of mine is, The Ugly Duckling. This story is retold by Martin Powell and illustrated by Aaron Blecha. It was originally told by Hans Christian Anderson, I don't enjoy reading graphic novels that much but this one was pretty good.

The setting of The Ugly Duckling is in a few different places. At the beginning of the story it takes place at little pond near a farm. The events in the story cause the main character to run away so the setting changes to a house, he isn’t wanted there so he moves on to another house.

The main character of this story is The Ugly Duckling. He is actually kind of cute in this story. He has one feather on the top of his head and has three little feathers on his bum. His teeth are very messed up and he is way out of proportion. He seems like he is just a kind duck that is bullied so he doesn’t know where to go with his life. I feel bad for him because he is abused and put down by all of his brothers and sisters.

At the beginning of the story the Ugly Duckling is the last chick to hatch and when he does all of his siblings are mean to him and bully him but his mother feels bad for him and has some sympathy for him. He eventually decides to run away because he hates his life so much but the first place that he finds to live the lady isn’t what he is looking for. He wanders around and eventually an old man finds him and decides to bring him in. The Ugly Duckling’s life makes a turn for the better and he is way happier.

This book was nominated for an Association of Educational Publisher's 2010 Distinguished Achievement Award. I think that Martin Powell did a great job of retelling this story. Aaron Blecha is an amazing artist and he deserves credit for illustrating the graphic novel.

I liked this book because there was a lot of color in the illustrations, it caught my eye. The way that Powell told the story was very good. I don’t usually don’t like graphic novels but I liked this one. Here is a link to one of Martin Powell's websites. Martin PowellHere is a link to Aaron Blecha's website. Aaron Blecha

Author Martin Powell
Author Martin Powell

Peer Review:
Lexie: This is an awesome review! You did a great job. You had all of the important things needed for this review, Except it would have been nice if you told me more about the other characters in this book if there was anymore but other than that you did a great job of explaining what the story was about and what you liked about it. but all and all it was a great review.

Wilfred: This was a great review, i really liked your sentences and how yu described the main character and the setting. But yu could have told more about the other characters. this sound like a really good book the way you describe it. ill read the book if i ever get a chance.

Mrs B: Thank you for having an introductory paragraph to your review - this makes a big difference. You were also honest about your general dislike for graphic novels - so this helps a reader trust your opinion of this book - whether you knew that it would have this effect, it does. The information about the award was interesting. Why did you change your font at the end? Good work!