The Hobbit Graphic Novel Review
Hi I'm Luapno (Paul) and this page is going to be a review of the graphic novel The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien!
This version is a revised edition of the adventure book in the form of a graphic novel. It was adapted by Charles Dixon and was illustrated by David Wenzel.

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How well did the story translate from Novel to Graphic Novel?
The Hobbit was an excellent novel with great dialogue, action, description and characters. Did the Graphic Novel live up to it? The answer is yes, it does live up to it, but it IS different, as to be expected. I will go into greater detail in the paragraphs to come but for now, know that the story has been retained, and the pictures add a lot to the story!
The setting is in the past, in the land of Middle Earth, you don't know what all of it is like, but you see the Shire, where the Hobbits live, a mountain range, two domains of elves, and the ancestral home of the Dwarves. The art is very nice, a mix of gritty but nice to look at. The trees have lots of detail, and you can see way off into the distance with some of the pictures. The weather also changes quite realistically which is nice, as the rain and storms looks quite exquisite and really look violent. Colour changes dramatically depending on where the characters are, in a cave its dark with a ruddy glow, in farmlands it is bright an green, and in forests it is generally dark and menacing.
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There are MANY characters in the Hobbit, as the companions travel far and wide, but the main group of characters are the dwarves (around 13) Gandalf the Grey Wizard and Bilbo Baggins, the Hobbit who the story is mainly about. Bilbo has a very defined attitude and style, he is curious of the world around him, but can get very scared and wish he was home. Bilbo’s very clever, he was hired by the dwarves to be their burglar, and though he did not expect to be very adept at it, Bilbo becomes quite skilled, especially after he accidentally discovers the Ring Of Power, though he does not know what it is, when he places it on his finger he become totally invisible, making it quite easy to steal things and get around without being seen. Bilbo seems very “real” a person who went on an adventure and sometimes regrets it. The dwarves are less defined generally, but they tend to be split into the groups of: chubby and funny, serious and greedy, and the leader is determined and shrewd. Gandalf is quite well developed, he seems to be very kind, but also a bit of a puppet master, sending people all over Middle Earth.

The plot is basically the same as the book The Hobbit, but if you haven’t read that, here it is. Bilbo Baggins, a respectable Hobbit is sitting outside one day when Gandalf the Grey Wizard appears. Gandalf is known for showing up and sending people away on adventures. Hobbits do NOT find adventures very respectable, so it is interesting that Gandalf came to The Shire in this case, but it is known for one side of Bilbo’s family, the Took’s, to be somewhat adventurous. Bilbo ends up inviting Gandalf to tea, but does not want to go on an adventure. The next day 13 dwarves show up, lead by Thorin Oakenshild, their leader and Gandalf. Bilbo has been hired as their burglar, they intend to travel all the way to the Lonely Mountain to kill the dragon Smaug and take back their treasure and the ancestral home of the dwarves, Thorin Oakenshild their King. Bilbo gets swept up in it and ends up travelling with them, though forest, cave, village and much more. They also meet elves, men, goblins, giant spiders and Gollum as well as many more strange and wonderful creatures.
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The art in The Hobbit is great! The characters are all detailed; the backgrounds are a mix between: the entire scene or a blur of colour, which is great in a moment of action. The action is well drawn and creatures look realistic, characters each look different, other than the dwarves. The colours are varied and flashes of magic and fire look very dramatic and exciting. I found sometimes the background could kind of blend together, like on rock. This appears to be intentional but it looks kind of bad to me. The boxes in the graphic novel are pleasantly varied, some take up an entire page, while others are very small, and on each page they are not all the same. (Large, small, skinny and tall, etc) One strength to me was the expressions of characters faces, they really told you how they felt.
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The Verdict
The Hobbit Graphic Novel is a great re-make of a classic book, retaining enough of the original writing to satisfy book fans (Like me) but is great for people who have never read the novel. The price is about $28 though I got mine in New Zealand for $35. The book is just the right length to keep all the important stuff, and has exceptional art. This novel gets a 9.5 out of 10.

-Great art
-Lots of detail
-Great character development
-Same classic plot
Only downside:
Background can blur together. (annoying)
Review #1- Kyla. Wow. This was an amazing review! There was all the right content and the graphics show a lot about the book. Your opinion about the book was very strong and your detail was very good. You did a very good job because i want to read the Hobbit now! I liked how you made it so you were "telling it to a friend". The only thing was during the plot I kinda got lost, I just got confuzed about what happened. I still liked it. It was very well done.

Mrs B: I found your details supporting your opinion - which is useful for me if I decided to read this book. The comments about the artwork helps to understand how effectively the creators have used subtle visual enhancements within the telling of the story. I get a feeling of how the book "looks" somewhat like a movie - as a good graphic novel should. Even if I know the story of The Hobbit, I might be attracted to looking at this version because of your very complete review. Excellent work!