SmileBy Raina Telgemeier
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Raina is part of girl scouts, and lives in a small city. On the way home from scouts one day, she tripped and fell on her face, knocking out her two front teeth. In this graphic novel Smile by Raina Telgemeier, you watch Raina grow up and move from elementary school to junior high, and finally to high school. It’s a great story of a teenager who goes through the difficulties of growing up. Including friend drama, puberty, boys, clothes, and in her case, dental work.

Raina is the main character, who we watch grow up throughout the book. Her dentist who takes years of different dental procedures to get her teeth looking normal again. There is her mom, who supports her, but doesn’t want to see her little girl growing up too fast. Then her friends, who don’t really seem true, because they are always laughing at Raina, making fun of her and playing tricks on her.

Raina is an eleven year old girl at the beginning of the book, who has to deal with years of trips to the dentist, pain, and embarrassment at school because of knocking out her two front teeth in sixth grade. Raina’s friends aren’t very sympathetic , they tease her about her teeth and not looking normal, and the way she wears her hair and dresses.

Raina enters highschool with a retainer and two fake front teeth attached to it. All her friends are hitting puberty, and so is she. But they don’t have to deal with the constant dental madness like she does. She is trying to be like everyone else, by dressing cooler and taking out her childish pigtails.

This book was pretty good. But the illustration was a little to juvenile for me. You could tell that this book is mweant for a younger age group, by the use of limited vocabulary. I would recommend this book for a pre teen age group so I did like this book, but I would have enjoyed this more if I was a couple years younger. The way it is set up, evens out the pictures and writing in a good way so its not all reading, and you can also see what is happening.

Raina Telgemeier (born May 26, 1977) is an america cartoonist whose works include the autobiographic (Dental Drama), which was published by scholastic press's Graphix imprint as a full-color graphic novel in February, 2010.

Paul: This is a truly excellent review! All the important aspects are talked about and I feel I know what the book would be like! I get a taste of the story but there are no spoilers! Also, I think it was very important that you added the fact the book was good, but a bit young, that is important information! Great engaging paragraphs, it was a really great review to read! Also I like how you gave a link to more info about Raina Telgemeirer! Maybe you could add in a picture of the art so we can see for ourself what it looks like?

Maddy: Krystah,Krystah,Krystah. This is a great review Paul said a lot of things I was going to say. I think you should have added art to it added color to it LOLOLOLOLOL. Your review made me want to read this book. You did a good job.

Mrs B: I agree with the feedback given by Paul and Maddy - a bit more colour and the use of another hyperlink would enhance your strong summary. I appreciated how you wrote the review - with good details and with your perception regarding the intended audience. Do you think that the author likes stories related to teeth? Just wondering...