Spider-Man saves the day! (Again) Spider-Man is a very popular super-hero! Even the News paper is demanding to get a picture of him! But do they want a picture to show how good he is or to snuff him out?
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol.2 was written by Brian Michael Bendis and Illustrated by Mark Bagley and Art Thibert! (How ironic) It is a well written story of a somewhat perfectly normal 15 year old boy.
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Nobody except for Mary knows about peter and his super-powers! He is the Spider-Man that the media is out to get! There are a few men out to get him, but when every they get a hand on him, he uses his super-powers and saves himself! Peter decides he has to tell Mary, (his girl “friend”), that he is Spider-Man. She doesn’t believe him at first, but to prove it he jumps onto the wall and does all the Spider-Man moves. After, she has no choice but to believe! Will Spider-Man every get caught?

Peter Parker lives with his aunt, his uncle passed away and they are both finding it hard to function. Peter is just like any other kid; he has a “girlfriend” Mary, and goes unwillingly to high school. He has a little secret (maybe not so little) about him no one knows! It all started when his class went on a field trip and he got bite by a spider….

This graphic novel takes place in New York City! When the Bugle New say they will pay whoever gets a picture of Spider-
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Man, Peter takes in his pictures. He ends up working at the newspaper. There are also scenes at the school and at Peter’s aunt place.

The illustrations were fantastic! The Drawings were very detailed and the colors were amazing. They definitely used color to make the story more powerful!

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Brian Michael Bendis is a well known comic book writer! He does his job very well! Follow this link to his website!Brian Michael Bendis

I really enjoyed this Spider-Man graphic novel! I thought the pictures were the greatest part. The only thing I didn’t like is in some parts of the book I got confused on what was going on. But other than that I thought it was very good.

Paul: I really enjoyed this review! It gave me a great idea what the storyline was like! Also the design was easy to understand and not overwhelming. The pictures were very nice and suited the theme, but didn't give anything away. The sentences were engaging and besides now wanting to read this book myself, I just enjoyed reading the review! Maybe you could talk a little about how this book translated the classic idea Spiderman differently than other books/movies! Even that is a "maybe" GREAT JOB!

Jaydon: i like this review, the word and the discription that you use is awsome. i also liked how you told us some stuff about his jbd.

Mrs B: I had to read carefully to know that the image on the right is the one that goes with this book - so consider carefully how you organize your information. I also became a bit confused when you talked about the plotline - so ensure that someone unfamaliar with the book can follow your summary easily. You included the information required and overall created a useful review of this graphic novel.