The Runaways is a graffic novel by Brian K. Vaughan.
The Runaways is about a group of mutant teens that are always on the run; being chased by police and super-villian parents.
After the group lets in a younger mutant, they are not sure if he will be the key they need to defeat their villian parents or if he will make them voneriable.

Review 1-Brendan
This review gave me a good understanding of this book. You should have added a picture to give more of a visual in the readers mind. Even though it doesn't contain much writing it still gives me a good view of the book. I liked the part about them getting chased by the cops.

Mrs B: I would like to see more information - about the novel, the artwork, hyperlinks, a rating etc. Please refer to the assignment to ensure that you are completing all that has been requested.