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The Graphic Novel I read was Romeo & Juliet. This was originally told by William Shakespeare then retold by Jim Pipe Illustrated by Penko Gelev.

Romeo is a 16 year old boy. He is a Capulet. Juliet is a 13 year old girl. She is a Montague. The Caplet and the Montague are at war. Pairs is an old man. He is the man Juliet is engaged to marry. The nurse is another important character she passes messages between Romeo and Juliet.

This book is about a young man, Romeo, and a young women, Juliet, Their families are at war with each other. Romeo must sneak into a ball to see Rosaline the women he thinks he is in love with, but instead he sees Juliet. They fall in love and Romeo doesn’t even know her name. But it is impossible for them to be together.
Juliet has an arranged marriage to Paris a close family friend; she doesn’t like the idea of that. Juliet leaves late at night to be with Romeo, only after a few times of meeting they decide to get married. Juliet’s nurse is the only one that knows about them meeting she sneaks Juliet out at night to be with him their marriage is a secret; they planned on running away together. If you want to know more about this book, you should read it. It is a great book.
" O Romeo, Romeo wherefore out thou Romeo? Deny thy father refuse thy name, or if thow wilt not, But sworn my love, And ill no longer be a Capulet"

This book is 49 pages long. You can buy this book on Amazon for $9.89 (Canadian) The thing I disliked about this book was thee way it was worded I think it should have been more modern. But other then that i really liked it
http://jimpipe.net/USERIMAGES/Romeo%20and%20Juliet.jpg : PIcture

http://www.amazon.ca/romeo-juliet-Comics-Graphic-Novels-Books/s?ie=UTF8&keywords=Romeo%20and%20Juliet&rh=n%3A13932641%2Ck%3ARomeo%20and%20Juliet&page=1 : where you can buy it.

it was a good review but I found that you seemed to repeat the information more than once.Also there is a few spelling and grammar mistakes.I liked that the font was big.

Mrs B: I am wondering why you did not insert more images directly into the review rather than as a hyperlink - perhaps a link to a website about Shakespeare or a wikipedia entry would be more helpful. You did not comment about the artwork in detail which might be useful to know. You summarized the plot well without giving too much away.