Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare retold by Jim Pipe and Illustrated by Penko Gelev. Romeo%20and%20Juliet.jpg

This graphic novel was set in the time of the Renaissance where a young man named Romeo falls in love with a young girl named Juliet. Their families are at war so they are supposed to hate each other but it doesn’t end up that way. Juliet was suppose to marry Paris who was her family’s friend but her and Romeo fell in love so they end up marrying each other shortly after meeting each other. Juliet’s nurse was the only one who knew about them meeting and helped her and Romeo meet to get married. But getting married was only part of the story, If you want to know the rest I suggest you read it.

Romeo is sixteen and he was in love with Rosaline who he went to the “Capulet masquerade” to meet up with her but ended up seeing Juliet and falling deeply in love with her at first sight. His family is the Montague who hates Juliet’s family which is the Capulet.
Juliet is thirteen and is arranged to marry a man named Paris but she then was at the “Capulet masquerade” and saw Romeo and fell in love with him. Her family is the Capulet who is at war with Romeo’s which is the Montague
The Nurse is Juliet’s nurse who helped Juliet and Romeo meet and get married. Without her Romeo and Juliet would have probably never have gotten married.

What I liked about the book
What I like about Romeo & Juliet was that I just liked the story and it was easy to read instead of a novel. The novel is probably harder to read but with the graphic novel it was really easy and nice to read.

What I disliked about the book.Well what I disliked how the language was sort of hard to understand, Some of the words were hard to understand what they meant but a good thing about it was that they had a thing at the bottom of the page that told you what they meant so it was good. I also disliked the way it was written they had the picture and speech bubbles then a written part at the bottom of the page about it.
Where this story took place in the Italian Renaissance in between 1595-1597.
Art and Illustrations
The art in my graphic novel was black and white but they still had great illustration done by Penko Gelev.

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun” – Romeo to Juliet
“O Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name”- Juliet to Romeo

Krystah's review: After reading this wiki i have a clear understanding of what this graphic novel is about. why didnt you use a picture? It would have been nice to see what the context of the book looks like and the type of artwork that is used. I found a few small gramatical errors, but you covered everything that was required.
review number 1 this is a good review and all the hiber links are in thare and yea

Mrs B: I liked how you used sub titles to organize your review - this was helpful. Please watch the use of the word "thing"...I believe that you mean a footnote that gives a definition of the Elizabethean English used by Shakespeare. The original story was a play - not a novel. These are minor improvements that you could make to enhance your strong review.