external image red-riding-hood-graphic-novel-martin-hardcover-cover-art.jpgRetold by Martin Powell, Illustrated by Victor Rivas Amazon.com
Red Riding Hood takes place in a forest in the middle of nowhere. She starts at her own house and walks through the forest to her grandma’s house.

In this story there is an old fortune teller who gives some magical cloth to a Grandma. Out of that she makes her granddaughter a sweater that will protect her. The granddaughter wears it to her grandma’s house. She runs into a wolf that distracts her and he goes to her grandmas to let her know she will be late. When she arrives at her grandma’s she isn’t there, but someone else is...

Ruby (Red Riding Hood), Father, Mother, Grandma and the Wolf are the main characters. Ruby is an innocent little girl who just wants to help her Grandma get better. That’s why she believes the Wolf when he says there are flowers because she thinks that will make her grandma happy. The Father and Mother don’t play a very big role, but they let their little girl go off by herself in the forest. Grandma made Ruby a red riding hood so she will be protected. The Wolf is bad. He has evil intentions towards little girl.

In this case the book is clearly a graphic novel. It is also an adventure because Ruby goes on a journey through the woods to her grandma’s.
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I really like how the author wrote the book because there isn’t a lot of narration it is mostly just dialogue. The art is also amazing; it’s sort of creepy when it needs to be but also happy and cheery at times. It shows, just in the art, how Ruby is so clueless and innocent, it also shows how creepy the wolf is, like he’s preying on her all the time. At one point he says “Are you here all alone?” which tells he is making sure she isn’t meeting up with someone, who could protect her.

All in all I quite liked this book. It was a fun read, not too long, and it is a classic tale. Retelling in a graphic novel is a great idea, more fun for everyone!Red Riding Hood

I give this book a 4 out of 5 star rating!

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Peer review 1 Sam- The review is a very good review, i like that it has a lot of pictures. Another thing about it is that it has several links that work. I learned a lot about the characters and their personalities. I also found out about the plot and what struggles the characters went through. I am interested in this book and may have to read it in the future.

Mrs B: I agree with Sam - this is a thoughtful review. I appreciated learning how the artwork supported the development of the main character - this shows that the reviewer is reading more deeply than the narrative itself. The images selected support these comments and encourage someone to read the book - usually an unstated goal of any book review.