I have recently read the book Pecos Bill, Colossal cowboy. The great author of this book is Sean Tulien. Lisa Weber illustrated this graphic novel. This book tells the storey of Pecos Bill and his life adventures. Pecos bill is a wild and crazy man. I think u will really enjoy this book if you like adventure.
Pecos Bill and his family were traveling across the desert. The rough trail they were traveling along was beside a large river. Pecos and his big brother were sitting on the back of the wagon, when they hit a large bump Pecos went flying into the huge river!!
Pecos Bill grew up being strong and tuff. He learned how to hunt for food. One day the mother coyote said to Pecos that she had taught him everything she new. She sent him on his way to fend for himself in the wild.
From there he it was him vs the world!!

Be sure to ceck out the website of Pecos Bill.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

peer review 1- this book review sounded pretty good. You probably could have made your paragraphs a little longer and watch out for spelling mistakes. Other than that it sounded really good and you had mostly everything you needed.

Mrs B: Please check your work for small errors and avoid text symbols (e.g. u for you) when you are composing a document to share with the class. Develop your ideas further by supplying specific facts and more details. I do get a sense that you enjoyed the book - so share this even further.