I am doing a review on the graphic novel Bone: The Dragonslayer by Jeff Smith. This book is the Fourth one in the series of nine.This is the best graphic novel I have ever read.

Following the message that a Rat Creature army is crossing the Eastern border, Fone Bone, Thorn and Grandma Ben travel off-road to the Barrel Haven. Grandma Ben suffers an attack of her “gitchy feeling” - a dizziness that has long been her omen of trouble. Meanwhile, at the Barrelhaven tavern itself, Phoney Bone's tales of dangerous dragons make his end of the bar the most popular, but Lucius gives him a stern warning about messing with them, which Phoney ignores.

After fending off their ambush, Grandma Ben captures two rat creatures and learns form them that the whole valley is being evacuated. Then Kingdok attackes them and knocks out Fone Bone. Thorn swings and chops off Kingdoks arm. Smiley Bone hears Fone's cries of distress and goes out to look for him but finds only the bloody fight scene.

This is a very good graphic novel and I would recommend it for any one who likes a good adventure and some creepy things.
It would be a good idea to read the ones in the series before it though because otherwise you won't know whats going on.external image Bone_The_Dragonslayer.jpg

I think that you did a very good job reviewing this book and it was an enjoyable review to read. I like the way that you developed your sentences. It would have been nice if you would have told us more about the characters and about the author. Why did you not put any hyperlinks into your review on this graphic novel? These books sound interesting and I might look into reading them someday.

Peer Review #2 -Winter:
Your review was well written and very descriptful on what happens. I like how you mentioned other characters and that it's part of a series, it gave me more of an idea on it. I can see why it makes it the best graphic novel you have ever read. You did a great job and I might read them now. J

Mrs. B: I was curious to read your review - I think you assume that one is familiar with the setting and the background from the previous books. A brief description of this would help someone know a bit more of the "backstory" and background of the characters. You might want to use the headings and display choices within the wiki to enhance your review. I like the use of the quote "gitchy feeling" and how you describe what this means. Thank you for taking your work seriously.