Bone2.jpgA few weeks back I had finished the book, Bone Out from Boneville, by Jeff Smith. This fun and adventurous graphic series will pull readers into the plot, and fall in love with the main characters.
<---Fone Bone: Fone Bone is a high spirited character that loves to read and write. He had grown up an orphan in his town though never really did care. He grew up wih his cousins Smiley Bone and Phoney Bone. Until Phoney Bone had pulled his get-rich-quick-scem and had them all run out.

Smiley_Bone2.jpgSmiley Bone: Smiley Bone is the relaxed, guitar playing, cigar smoking, comedy rung Bone of the trio. He has the tendancy to break out in song nad tick off Phoney Bone, though even being run out of Boneville hasnt gotten him down.------>

Phoney_Bone.jpg<---Phoney Bone: Phoney Bone is a get-rich-quick type of personality. He had always wanted to be a millionaire and mayor of Boneville, before he was run out, he and his cousins were the richest bones in Boneville. Though the loss of all his money has gotten him a llitle depressed.

Fone BonefoeThe first book of the series starts off with the trio of cousins in a dry and sun riden desert. The reason? The three were run out of Boneville when Phoney's plan to get more money at a picnic went wrong and the townspeople were tired of him. Fone Bone and Smiley had gone with to help him in the outside world. Though it turns out their lost. Though, that isnt the worst of their trobles to come. After being seperated in a locust storm, Fone Bone sets off after the trail of cigars he had predicted Smiley Bone had dropped and soon finds himself into a lush green forest. His main goal is to find his cousins nad go home. As winter rounds hte corner, Fone Bone had found hismelf new friends with Ms.Possum and her possum kids, though had learned hte dangers of hte forest with creatures called Rat creatures. Being chased by the beasts he is saved by a red brimsone dragon. Then soon also stumbles onto a young teenage girl. Thorn.

Thorn.jpgAfter explaining all hat had happened to him and his cousins, Thorn offers him help by takig him back to her Grandma Ben's barn. Fone Bone there soon meets up again with Phoney Bone, who had taken he wrong step with Grandma ben's cattle. They also meet Grandma Ben, who -as crazy as it may seem- races herself agasint cows every year in the Great Cow Race.Rose_Ben.jpg After some discussion on how Thorn and Grandma Ben could help hte Bones, Fone bone is dissapointed to find that neither Thorn or Grandma ben know how to reach Boneville. "If you cant milk them, you cant keep them~"

FonebonefonGrandma ben offers the boys a ride into village where they might learn some news on how to get back to their home town. Even though they dont find news on how to get back, they do however meet up with Smiley to complete their family once again. But the forest holds it's secrets, and this is only the start of the Bone trio's adventure...

This book series will surely touch the heart of it's readers with it's hilarios comedy, suspensful adventure, and mind running mystery. Jeff Smith's imagination has reached new hieghts, bringing life to a new generation of comedy and characters.
This book in my opinion has amused me in alughter, and given me great amounts of suspense throughout out it. The style of the sketches nad speech fits with each character for their biography and is a pefect example of an artists talent. I had orginally read these when i was a few years younger, though reading them again, has brought back the memories of each joke inside the pages. I had always been a fan of Jeff Smith's work though, reading Bone has made me satisfied in the graphic novel type. I would probably read this book again.
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Jeff Smith was born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania and grew up in Columbus, Ohio, where he now lives. He had first grew an interest in drawing comics and graphic novels from the Cartoon show "Peanuts". At the age of ten he first started to create he characters for Bone. After graduating Jeff had created a small series of comics "Thorn" which some of hte characters were later placed into Bone. He had come up with the imaginary lands for the Bone series from a park he would usually go to as a child and now with his family. "The Bone series is my most charished work yet, readers of all ages will love them."

review number 1 gerald i think u did a good job

Mrs. B: You have lots of good detail regarding the characters and the plot developments - without giving too much away. There are various repeated typing errors that take away from your presentation - so please reread for such minor mistakes. I liked how you used the arrows to point the various characters - and other than missing hyperlinks, you have met the requirements in a fairly sophisticated manner.