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Black Beauty was originally written by Anna Sewell and adapted by June Brigman and Roy Richardson.The graphic version of Black Beauty takes place in the London area on English farms in the late 1800's

Black Beauty was a young colt that, at 4 years of age, was sold where he was broken in to saddle and harness. Eventualy, he was forced to be sold and that was the begining of Black Beauty's pain and heartbreaks in life.

He was tossed around from home to home, some good with kind owners and some painfully crule, learning his duty and making the best of it. Making friends and learning about their hardship they encounter before they met Black Beauty.

Anna Sewells wrote the book and got it published 5 months before she died on the 25th of April in 1878. Anna Sewell (Wikipedia)
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Peer Review #1 by Winter.
Your review is really great I enjoyed reading it. I like how you described so well about his bitter sweet life but were there other major characters besides the horse? I also liked how you added infromation about the orginal author and the setting. There were a few minor spelling errors but overall it was a well written review.J

Mrs B: Your review highlights that you understand the plot quite well. I would like to see more comment about the characters that Beauty encounters and how these affect her life - so in other words, more detail. Develop your ideas further - so say more in your paragraphs - as what you do write shows good potential.