A Midsummer Night's Dream, a play by Shakespeare in the from of a graphic novel edited by Philip Page and Marilyn Pettit. A graphic novel in which pictures are more understandable than the words used, but is still good. An interesting book to read, things you never would have thought about happen. This funny, strange love story will have you anticipated to know what will happen next. Who really loves wh
This graphic novel is hard to understand because the original play was done by Shakespeare in the early 1590's. If I were to read this book back when people had still spoke like the characters in the novel, it would most definitely be my favorite. Despite it being a little confusing, the story line is great!

What I liked about this graphic novel is that they have meanings of what the confusing phrase meant (which was in bold), like ''... madly dote Upon..." off to the side it had the meaning of ''Fall madly in love with.'' That really helped me understand it more. I also like how it took place in a forest with mythical creatures.

What I didn't like about this graphic novel is that it had random different scenes and the changing of it wasn't noticeable which made it confusing, like it would be act 2 scene 2 and then it would go to act 3 scene 2 and after the act is done it would continue from the left off act. I had to look back a few times to understand what was going on, I got sort of lost but, in the end it was all good. It could have used colour in the pictures, but oh well.

This book had a character information thing at the front of the book to help you with how they are because they aren't really described well, and they all would have closely acted the same (except for a couple) to me if I never looked at the little decription of the character.
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http://www.jacketflap.com/philip-page/125808 - Philip Page, illustrator
http://shakespeare.com/ - Shakespeare, orginial pay writer

peer review: Joey D
this was a good review. i thought it was very good in informing me about this book. im still not going to read it. this is very well put together and easy to read plus navigate.

PEER REVIEW teiganit was a decent review. I thought it was very well in telling me what I wanted to know about this book. I probalby wont read it.. this is very well put together and easy to read with a couple spellingnot much though.

Mrs B: I found it useful to know that referring to the character list at the beginning is important to understanding the graphic novel version. As a comedy plyawright Shakespeare likes to use multiple plot lines to make things complicated and humourous - eventually with all characters being happy in the end. Thank you for including most of the requirements - remember to check your work for minor errors as these take away from your presentation overall. Good effort overall.